Exhibitions and Intellectual Property Protection (IPR) in China

When participating exhibitions, IPR should be concerned. There are government policies providing good solutions for companies when IPR infringement happens. And preparation beforehand should also be done. If allowed, it is necessary to consult professions in China IPR laws.

Official registration in China provides proof for IPR by law.


LOGO registration in China. Usually it takes 2 to 3 years.

After it, when you protect your intellectual property, approval documentation from competent authorities should be provided. Usually it takes around 3 months to get the approval documentation.

Additionally, if the logo presented in the exhibitions hosted or co-organized by Chinese government is appearing in China for the first time, the applicant will enjoy priority within 6 months since the day of the exhibition. If the applicant decides to use his or her priority and register the logo in China, he or she needs to provide black-and-white statement and proofs of the logo within 3 months. If all these materials requirement is not provided within 3 months, it is considered that the applicant quitclaims his or her priority.

● Copyright

China is the member country of Berne Convention. So copyright applied in other member countries of Berne Convention is also applicable in China. And if you want to protect your legal right, you need to register copyright in China first. It takes around 1 month for the copyright registration.

● Patent

Usually it will not take a year to apply a patent for design. For a patent of utility, it takes a year for application. For patent of invention, it takes 2 to 3 years for application.

You can consult IPR at IPR office at exhibition site.

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