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  • Bakery China

    Founded in 1997, Bakery China is the global largest event serving the entire value chain for the bakery and confectionery market. Annually held in Shanghai, the event enables leading global professionals, buyers and delegates to meet and share the latest innovations and thinking in manufacturing, distribution, R&D, applications and other related services in the bakery industry. It seeks to promote the Chinese bakery industry through comprehensive development. The 26th Bakery China would be held on May 21-24, 2024 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), Shanghai.

    Meanwhile the 8th Fine Food & Snack China and the 8th Coffee & Beverage China will be hosted on same date and venue.

  • Bakery China Autumn

    Bakery China Autumn is organized by CABCI and Bakery China Exhibitions Co., Ltd. It is the professional trade and communication platform in response to buyers' growing purchase demand for New Year, China Lunar New Year, festival and weddings. Bakery China Autumn 2024 will be held on Oct. 17-19 at Wuhan International Expo Center.

  • China Home Baking Show

    China Home Baking Show is launched by CABCI and Bakery China Exhibitions Co., Ltd. It is a trade platform with baking education and experience, and a superior stage for home-baking ingredient, baking utensils, household appliances, packaging decoration, training, baking e-commerce, a year gathering for home baking ditributors, agents, online platforms, personal studios, training institutions, supermarkets and bake-loving individuals, a year-end Baking Carnival.China Home Baking Show 2024 will be held on Oct. 17-19 at Wuhan International Expo Center.

  • Ice Cream China

    Ice Cream China is the wellknown professional trade show for ice cream and frozen food. It attracts buyers from over 50 countries and regions. We expect to meet you in September at Tianjin Meijing Convention Center in 2024.

  • Bakery China Summit

    Bakery China Summit is an idea and thought exchange platform for decision-makers and advisors. Successful and typical cases will be studied and shared during summit. Every edition over 100 speakers are invited, over 1300 attendees join and 400+ brands choose to present themselves at Bakery China Summit. More than 20 million exposures are for Bakery China Summit via 100+ media partners and Bakery China's omni-channel.

  • Bakery China Forum

    Bakery China Forum is hosted during Bakery China exhibitions. It focuses on topics like chain-store management, inter-generation pass-on, innovations, entreprenureship, bakery+cofee/beverage, bakery+internet, heath, frozen bakery, wedding and bakery hand-gift, etc. The forum was started since 2015 and was successfully held for 9 editions genrated over 100 million exposure and has become a shining brand event of Bakery China.

  • Bakery China Talk

    Bakery China Talk is a walking event including seminar, master class and store visit. It mainly discusses on region market and trends in the view of national industry picture. Local representative bakery and catering entreprenuers, founders, KOLs are invited to give talks. We hope our talk events could bring new ideas and enlightment to your current and future new businesses.

  • Competitions

    During Bakery China exhibitions, many international and national competitions are hosted. The competitors are from shcools, in-service chefs, lovers, etc. and they are here to present their high skills on making mooncake, bread, Chinese pastry, cakes, tea-brewing, coffee-brewing, pizza, fine cuizine, etc.

  • iBakeryChina

    iBakeryChina is the online platform for online match-making, communications, talents hunting, market trends and thoughts exchange. iBakeryChina is powered by Bakery China's 3000+ suppliers and 500000+ buyers bigdata accumulated through the last 20+ years. We hope to provide you a digital match-making solution with high efficiency.

  • BakeryChinaLive

    BakeryChinaLive is the virtual platform started since 2020. More than 100 virtual events inluding exhibtions, B2B match-making, conferences, forums, chef demo, talk salon, museum visit, store visit, competitions, etc. with total 5 million+ views.

  • Bakery China Innovation Award

    Bakery China Innovation Award is held every 2 years and is open to all Bakery China's exhibitors. The award is to honor the latest product and technology innovations and creations which bring new thoughts to the industry and drive the industry development.

  • Bakery China Omni-Channel

    Bakery China has built an omni-channel promotion system with over 200 million exposure annually. The promotion system includes media channels like wechat, website, weibo, video platforms, little red book, sms, edm, etc. to provide multi-dimensional promotions service to Bakery China's exhibitors.

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