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About NECC
Totaling RMB 16 billion in investment, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) is a large exhibition center co-built by Ministry of Commerce of China and Shanghai Municipal Government, with a total construction area of 1.47 million square meters, among which 1.27 million square meters are above ground. It consists of exhibition halls, the NECC Plaza, office buildings and a high-end brand hotel, offering services concentrating exhibition, convention, events, commerce, office work and accommodation.
Get to NECC

· By Metro

· By Car

1. Come from Zhongshan Park----Changning Road---Beidi elevated Road----Jiamin elevated Road(Songze road direction)----Songze elevated Road(Shenhai Highway)-----Panlong Road exit and turn around at the crossroad-----Songze Road----Zhuguang Road

2. Come from Yanan elevated Road----Huqingping elevated Road-----G50-----Jiamin elevated Road(Songze road direction)----Songze elevated Road(Shenhai Highway)-----Panlong Road exit and turn around at the crossroad-----Songze Road----Zhuguang Road

· By Flight

· Parking lots

1. 4,000 on-site car spaces (3,000 car spaces in the exhibition area, and 1,000 spaces in the functional areas)

2. 7,000 car spaces in the four off-site car parks with short bus transfers to the exhibition complex

3. 800 bus spaces and 2,000 car spaces in the No. 5 Car Park adjacent to the exhibition complex

Truck Marshalling Area A; Truck Marshalling Area B

On-site car park, 4,000 car spaces

No.1 Car Park with 1500 car spaces

No.2 Car Park with 1500 car spaces

No.3 Car Park with 2000 car spaces

No.4 Car Park with 2000 car spaces

No. 5 Car Park with 2,000 car spaces and 800 bus spaces

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*Please make sure you have a valid travel documents for traveling to China. You should consult your local travel agent or use the information below as reference.

Visa application:

Please pre-register as a visitor first, then contact Burnaby Solutions China, our official travel partner, for further assistance.

to fill in your letter application form.

Burnaby Solutions China

Tel: (+86 10) 8460 2478

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Attn: Ms. Amanda Zhou

Email: bj@burnaby.com.cn


This is a unique city because of its all-embracing tolerance of cultures.

This is an impressive city because of its many sites of historical interest.

This is a vigorous city because of its flourishing economy.

Today, the city draws the attention from all over the world. This city is Shanghai.

Shanghai, known as “Hu” or “Shen” in short, lies on the west bank of the Pacific and the east coast of the Asian continent and halfway along China’s coastline, with an area of 6,340.5sq.km. It enjoys four distinct seasons, abundant sunshine and rainfall.

Shanghai became a town in 1292, when the central government in the Yuan Dynasty established Shanghai County. It was once the largest economic center in the Far East. Today, Shanghai’s economy and society have undergone historic changes. It is striding toward an international economic, financial, trade and shipping center.

Shanghai, is a melting pot with all-embracing tolerance of cultures and a fascinating metropolis blending dynamic fashion and graceful nostalgia. Just like someone has said that, it is where old people can cherish their memory of the past and young people can find fashion to follow, foreigners feel very Chinese and Chinese feel very foreign, which is indeed the true essence of Shanghai culture.

Historical attractions, unique geographical location, attractive culture, diverse cuisine, fashion-forward shopping, fascinating nightlife, world-class hotels, convenient transportation, home to many international corporations and business hub of Asia – Shanghai has got the lot. No wonder people view Shanghai as one of the most vibrant and colorful cities in the world. It is the favorite destination for your next events.

Pudong, the Oriental Pearl, Rises in a Dynamic Shanghai

Shanghai Pudong New Area situates at the middle position of China’s coastal areas along the bank of the Huangpu River, facing the Pacific and East Asian Region and backed up by the Yangtze River Delta with rich resources and talents.

Since developing and opening up on April 18, 1990, Pudong has made amazing changes. It increasingly becomes into an international economic, financial, trade and shipping center to stand for Shanghai, an industrial base in emerging high-tech and modern industries, an economic growth point of Shanghai. Today Pudong is praised as a gate to enter into the mainland market, a bridge to link both China and world economy based on its unique advantages in graphic location, transportation, human resources and industries, as well as the sound social and business environment.

For more information, please visit: The Official Shanghai Travel website

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