Why Visit

Our Event

  • Bakery China is Asia Pacific's leading event serving the entire value chain for the bakery and confectionery market.
  • Most of the industry bells are exhibitors, and there industrial output representing approximately 70% of the total industry.
  • 90% of the TOP100 industry bells visit Bakery China.

Our Market

  • China is currently the world’s largest producer and consumer of bakery and is the world’s fastest-growing market. China has a strong demand of secure and advanced bakery ingredients and equipment overseas.
    1. The improvement of living standards and increasing emphasis on food safety pushes China’s consumers and companies overseas to secure food supplies. According to Office of National Statistics, the CAGR of China’s import food and food addictive market is 15% in recent 5 years. Grocery Manufacturers of America forecasted that China would become the largest consumer of imported food in 2018, with market of RMB 48 billion.
    2. Compared with fast-growing bakery industry, China’s local bakery equipment industry is much lagged behind. China has a strong demand of imported bakery equipment, especially from Western European, North America, Japan and South Korea.
    3. China has more than 100,000 bakery stores.
  • For some segment bakery market,
    1. Biscuit: China’s biscuit consumption per person is lower than 2.5 kilograms, much lower than 8.4 kilograms of western EU, 12.1 kilograms of Netherland and 14.8 kilograms of England.
    2. Bread: China’s bread consumption is about 3 million tons per year, 2.2 kilograms per person, much lower than 80 kilograms of Germany, 50 kilograms of Italy, 45 kilograms of Japan and 10 kilograms of Taiwan.
  • China’s bakery industry grows fast.
    1. The annual growth rate of bakery and confectionery industry is about 10% in first-tier cities of China, and about 30% in the second-tier and third-tier cities. In 2015, China has produced about 32,232,600 tons of bakery and confectionery products with the sales revenue of RMB 680.02 billion, the total profit of RMB 53.597 billion.