Bakery China 2018

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Exhibition Portfolio

Baking ingredients

Baking raw materials and ingredients
Baking additives and preservatives
Baking stuffing
Cake decorations

Baking equipment

Baking equipment
Baking molds
Ovens and accessories

Baking processing

Mooncake and mooncake production
Pastry and pastry production
Candy and candy production
Ice-cream and ice-cream production
Snack and snack production
Coffee and coffee machines
Baking processing, and R&D technologies

Baking packaging solutions

Baking packaging materials
Equipment and devices for baking packaging
Baking packaging design

Other assisting contents in baking industry

Laboratory and measuring instruments
Display, storage and refrigerated cabinets
Gastronomy and catering
Information technologies
Fitting and furnishing for shops
Training institutions

Booth Type

* Remarks: Including 6% VAT.

Space Type Price Quantity

 Raw Space (18m2 minimum)

RMB 1,500 / m2
or USD 248 / m2

 Standard Shell Scheme (9m2 minimum)

Includes company name on fascia board in English & Chinese, carpet, 1 reception counter, 2 chairs, 2 spot lights, 1 electric socket (220V) and 1 waste basket

RMB 15,000 / 9m2
or USD 2,472 / 9m2

Contact Us

  1. Ms. Christine Jiang
  2. International Sales & Marketing
  3. Tel: +86-10-82191892
  4. Fax: +86-10-82191779
  5. Mobile: +86-18501358764
  6. E-mail:

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